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About Us

Essential Intelligence Services is a company that is focused on security services and provides customized solutions to organizations, based on their requirement. We generate apps to enable big companies to startups to prosecute the daily activities smoothly and run these apps by experts with proficiency in this field. My Welcome App is one such product, yielded by the company.

Apart from our official application, My Welcome APP which is created by our company, we have built numerous applications for our clients. Moreover, we also provide assorted IT services and exhaustive consultations based on the client's needs. Upon, executing the client demands, we are dedicated to Innovation; to meet our absolute goal.

In addition, with the multifarious facilities that our company provides, we have prepared “Essential Intelligence Services " focusing on the client's aspirations, to give them the most pleasant experience with our service and applications.

Being recognized as one of the forerunners in the Technological Industry, Essential Intelligence Services is now considered an eminent software-oriented institution in Australia. It is presumed that Essential Intelligence Services is very soon, going to be an authentic power within and beyond the national boundaries.

Here, at Essential Intelligence Services we are on a thrilling quest to help businesses, across the globe as well as deliver a paramount visitors experience to our users. We are committed to taking you from a paper book to a smart, digital and effective solution in less than 10 minutes.

Furthermore, MY WELCOME APP is not only simple to set up, but also It is extremely convenient to use: Alongside it offers splendid features. One of the reasons for MY WELCOME APP to be so dynamic is that It is built by a passionate team of talented individuals, who are ceaselessly devoted to bettering the user experience

Our Key Feature

Visitors Check-In

We understand in business, the first impression is considered to be the last. Hence, while you prepare yourself to welcome your anticipated invitee with your best, My Welcome App will take care of their reception and reduce half the work. Moreover, now your walk-in visitants can also sign themselves in by providing their information in an Ipad provided at the door and acquaint the expectant personnel.

Photo Capture

We urge you to request your guests for sharing their clear photographs, which will not only help to recognize the right person and provide the best hospitality by the host but also will play a major role in ascertaining their safety. Therefore, My Welcome App is embodied with a camera feature, that allows you to take on spot photographs. Later on, this picture will be attached to their profile for further encounters.

Print Badges

With the My Welcome App, you can design sleek badges that could be leashed on the garments to distinguish an adventitious from the staff. It will enable the organization to conserve a safe and welcoming atmosphere as well as restrain redundant inquisitions by the security. Nevertheless, the organization can print them out for their convenience as these badges will come with a QR code, which will answer the queries of the guard in charge, upon scanning the badge.

Send Notifications

My Welcome app allows you to transmit a reminder in form of a text message, regarding your appointment. Both parties will receive a notification before a certain period. In case an incomer does not check out on due time, and the stay exceeds 24 hours limit, the My Welcome App will flag that personnel to the admin, and the admin could then observe their activities and take necessary actions.

Person of Interest

In case, a visitant forgets to check out after a particular visit, My Welcome App will remind them of the Safety and Confidentiality rules, to keep their data safe. Moreover, in case any reprehensive occurrence takes place, it will be appended within their profile background and the admin will have the full authority to list his/her name. With this, the visitants' check-in might be banned from the organization and security will be alerted to halt their access.

Data Protection

Your data is safe with the My Welcome App as It is backed up daily across multiple servers. Therefore, you can have access to it even during the time of hardware turbulence. We believe, your information belongs to you hence, you will have full authority over it and can retrieve all your data at any time you want.


My Welcome App collects data and spot trends, produces reports, and uses surveys to gather feedback from the visitants. This feedbacks could be used in enriching the visitor experience by bettering the service. Since reports are updated momentarily, the security in charge will be well acquainted with all the check-ins and check-outs

Customizable Sign-In

In case of unanticipated visitants, multiple customized sign-in flows could be stationed; That ask different questions based on the purpose of the personnel’s visit.


Pre-Registration informs the employees of the expected visitants, to ware the team who to expect. It as well emails the guest information to the team. Moreover, the guests are sent a reminder of their appointment.

Staff Check-In

The staff of the organization who work on an hourly basis can check in with the My welcome App and their arrival and exits could be monitored. If the staff fails to check-in within his/her timeframe, the authority could seize their IDs and give them an amercement according to the company’s policy or for flexible workers, the time will be checked and remuneration will be given accordingly.

Licensed Contractor Check-In

The staff of the organization who work on an hourly basis can check in with the My welcome App and their arrival and exits could be monitored. If the staff fails to check-in within his/her timeframe, the authority could seize their IDs and give them an amercement according to the company’s policy or for flexible workers, the time will be checked and remuneration will be given accordingly.

Pre Visitor – Appointment Based.

My Welcome App mails a form to the Pre Visitor beforehand, which consists of a QR Code. Upon getting the QR Code scanned by the security, the staff prints the sticker or approve their visit in the app. They might need to take a photograph if needed.


Swap your paper logbook for a smart visitor management system.

Manage Office Capacity

With the My Welcome App, you can schedule the office shifts of your employees. It is just a matter of seconds, to check how many people are on-site at a time. Keeping count of the number of people needed on a project overcrowding could be prevented and resources can be administrated effectively.

Enhance The Candidate Experience

We understand how crucial last-minute changes could be, hence, using the My Welcome App you can provide ample dictation of the candidate's task momentarily or in advance. Moreover, Instant notifications let the recruiters know when candidates arrive at the location so that they can greet them promptly.

Track Time In and Time Out

With My Welcome App, it is a piece of cake to take out any sort of data and work history. You can know exactly what time the contractors or employees start and end their shift to circumvent payment conflicts. You can also reduce payroll errors and cut corners for your accounting team.

Streamline Event Check-In

My Welcome App facilitates you with sending invitations for significant events and helps you in keeping a check on individuals who have attended the events. My Welcome App makes hosting events spontaneous and effortless. You may visit MY WELCOME APP to follow up on a post.

Use Case

Do more than just sign in visitors

Manage office capacity

Schedule employee office shifts and keep count of how many people are on-site at any one time so you can prevent overcrowding.

Enhance the candidate experience

Put job candidates at ease with detailed instructions sent in advance. Instant notifications let your recruiters know when candidates arrive, so they can greet them in a timely manner.

Track time in and time out

Know exactly what time contractors or employees start and end their shift to reduce payroll errors and save your accounting team time.

Streamline event check-in

From sending invites and logging who attended, to following up post-visit—WELCOME app makes hosting office events a breez.

One-Touch App

An extension of the My Welcome App

One-Touch App is an extension of the My Welcome App. The purpose of this app is to alert all the employees within the organization of emergency circumstances. This notifies each person on their devices and provides with the elementary injunctions to depart from a safety entrance.

Moreover, the One Touch App could be used by the building managers as a notifier for an upcoming event such as water maintenance, electrical maintenance, electrical device maintenance, and the places attention is required for the organization to run smoothly.

Here, all the app users will get a message notification which would be handled by the admins. The admins can customize the alert types as per the requirements of the organizations' infrastructure.

Furthermore, this entire system could be modified according to the clients' requirements. However, the staff working at the back end will be in charge of carrying out the instructions of customized alerts summoned by the higher authority.

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